Majestica Beach is beautiful, clean, and safe because of the efforts of our
community and the surrounding communities.  Seagrove Beach has earned the
designation of a "Blue Wave Beach".   This means it upholds responsible beach
management practices to assure water quality, habitat conservation, public
information/education and erosion management.  Guests are asked to do their part
to keep the beaches clean and safe.    Here are some things to know:

  • No Pets on the beach.  The only pets allowed on the beach are those owned
    by permanent residents, with permits, during certain hours.  
  • No Glass on the beach
  • No fires on the beach
  • No tents or canopies on the beach (chairs & umbrellas are provided free)
  • Any items left on the beach overnight will be considered abandoned and will
    be discarded.
  • No littering of beach
  • Keep off the dunes

All of the above mentioned items are enforced by the Walton County Officials and
are intended to keep our beaches safe and healthy.


Only family rental are permitted in our properties.  We  don't rent to groups of teens, spring breakers
without parental supervision (rule of thumb - 1 adult for each 2 persons under 25), and any group that
would cause our environment to be non family friendly.   Our goal is to have a place that  families will
continue to visit year after year.  

No pets in the community or in any of the houses.  Only owners may bring their pets.

No smoking in any of the homes.  Guests may smoke outside, but are responsible for cleaning up and
removal of butts, ashtrays, etc.

Parking is prohibited in the streets.  Please pull vehicles  forward in parking pad to allow another
vehicle to park behind first vehicle.  Maximum four vehicles per house.

Happy Vacationing!
Deb and Bob Schultz
6/23/2010 3:20  pm
webmaster - Deb Schultz
Know Before You Go